Lots of work goes on behind-the-scenes at Concordia Theatre with every show you come to watch. Whether it be Front of House that greet you when you walk in, or the people that serve you in the bar or the technical staff backstage, in sound or lighting. Every show requires lots of preparation and work to ensure the best experience for our patrons in being a presentation to the stage. Many months of planning, rehearsals and effort from the cast, production team and technical crew who give up their time for your entertainment.

historyThe Concordia Theatre is completely run by volunteers. Why not become part of the team at Concordia Theatre and share in the excitement and rewards that only a theatre like our’s can achieve. No matter what you’re interested in, there’s something for everyone. Visit the Contact Us page to get in touch with the right people that will introduce you to one of the greatest theatre’s in the country.

A view from Behind-the-Scenes

pantoEvery year the Pantomime Company puts on a massive show that plays for a month. Pantomime is the theatre’s biggest show of the season and as such, requires a lot of hard work and time from all departments. To give you an insight into the sort of work that is required backstage during Panto, we’ve created a few videos.

From Nothing to Pantoland and Back Again

The Deputy Stage Manager Giving Cues

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