Behind the scenes

Lots of work goes on behind-the-scenes at Concordia Theatre with every show you come to watch. Whether it be Front of House that greet you when you walk in, or the people that serve you in the bar or the technical staff backstage, in sound or lighting. Every show requires lots of preparation and work to ensure the best experience for our patrons in being a presentation to the stage. Many months of planning, rehearsals and effort from the cast, production team and technical crew who give up their time for your entertainment.

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Technical Specification at Concordia Theatre


The approximate dimensions of the stage are 32ft proscenium arch, 40ft stage width with 15ft wing space either side, 28ft deep with the possibility of gaining an extra 8ft by covering the orchestra pit (which is in front of the prosc arch).


The lighting facilities consist of three dedicated lighting bars on stage, all of which are power flown enabling easy rigging and adjustment of height dependant on the show and set. Three sets of ladders both sides of stage. Two FOH lighting bars and two side ladders for front lighting. 144 dimmer channels controlled by an ETC Ion desk. Two follow spots. A good range of standard theatre lanterns including floods, fresnels, profile spots, codas and par cans. The lighting department also has a growing stock of intelligent lanterns including LED cyc floods, pars and profiles for additional effects.



The sound department has an in house PA system of approximately 2,000 WATTS plus on-stage foldback monitors. Rifle mics, Float mics and up to 16 Sennheiser G3 series radio-mics are used as inputs to the mixing desk, which is a Yamaha M7CL-48 digital mixer. There are also various media players to play CD’s, MiniDiscs, WAV/MP3 Files on memory sticks etc.,and a PC containing numerous sound effects and audio software. We also have a small number of vocal and instrument mics for orchestra reinforcement.


The flying tower capable of flying cloths, tabs and scenery up to 17ft long and 40ft wide. The fly rail has 29 flying lines two of which are power lines, the rest are on hemp lines with manual flying.

A view from Behind-the-Scenes

Every year the Pantomime Company puts on a massive show that plays for a month. Pantomime is the theatre’s biggest show of the season and as such, requires a lot of hard work and time from all departments. To give you an insight into the sort of work that is required backstage during Panto, we’ve created a few videos.

From Nothing to Pantoland and Back Again

The Deputy Stage Manager Giving Cues

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